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Foot Health Practitioners specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of problems in the feet and lower limb. So, when it comes to feet, they are the experts.

At Considerate Foot Care, we aim to provide the best possible service to you and your feet by offering a full range of treatments.

Clients are often embarrassed about their feet. However, we can safely say that there is nothing that we will not have seen before and besides, it is our job to make sure you are feeling much happier about your feet than when we started.

Routine Foot Health Treatments

First Appointments


Home Visit – Initial Assessment (includes full foot treatment) – £62

Cllinic Visit – Initial Assessment (includes full foot treatment) – £60


Pay As You Go Routine Foot Treatments

(only available to patients who have already had a first appointment and initial assessment)


Home Visit – Routine Full Treatment – £52

Clinic Visit – Routine Full Treatment – £50

Clinic Visit – Short Follow Up – £35  (for a nail trim or single corn only)



Foot Health Availability

Monday and Wednesday

Faringdon and surrounding area all home visiting

Tuesday morning

Fairford and surrounding villages home visiting to housebound patients only

Tuesday afternoon

Clinic at Fairford Therapy Centre, London Street, Fairford


Cancellation Policy

In order to offer an effective service and to ensure availability for your next appointment, we charge for missed or cancelled sessions, except in the cases of planned breaks or exceptional circumstances.

Should you wish to cancel an appointment please provide 24 hours notice of cancellation so that we have the opportunity to try and fill the appointment slot.

Any missed appointments or late cancellations will be charged the full treatment cost, at Belinda’s discretion.

Your consideration in this regard is very much appreciated


Foot Health FAQ’s

Areas Covered


Belinda provides home visits in Faringdon and the surrounding villages.

All appointments must be booked in advance.

Call Belinda to book your home visit



Clinic appointments are available at Fairford Therapy Centre, London Road, Fairford.

All appointments must be booked in advance.

Booking arrangements can be made either with Fairford Therapy Centre via Online Booking or via Belinda directly.

Home visits are also available in Fairford to HOUSEBOUND PATIENTS ONLY.

Again, all appointments must be pre-booked.

Please contact Belinda directly to arrange a home visit in Fairford and surrounding villages for housebound patients. This cannot be booked online.

How Can We Help You

Belinda provides treatment and advice for the following conditions:-

Diabetic Foot Care
Corn Removal
Callus Reduction/Heel Fissures
Nail Trimming/Thinning
Ingrown Toenails
Fungal Toenails/Athletes Foot

Taking care of your feet is very important, especially if you suffer from circulatory problems, diabetes or if you are overweight.

Regular visits with a qualified Foot Health Practitioner are very important and should not be underestimated.

Book your appointment today and show your feet the respect they deserve!

What Can I Expect At My First Appointment

We start by recording relevant personal details and medical history, (all records are kept confidential).

We then proceed to give your feet a thorough foot health check and discuss your requirements and treatment plan.

Once treatment is complete, we can answer any questions you might have and relevant advice is given.  The treatment concludes with a complimentary foot massage.

Why Do You Collect Personal Information? Are Records Kept Confidential

We collect information about you for 2 reasons: firstly, it is a requirement by law and for insurance purposes. Secondly, to provide you with the best possible treatment plan using clinical reasoning processes.

The type of information we will collect about you includes: name, address, contact numbers, medical and any other relevant history.

We are committed and required by law to maintain confidential your personal information.

We will only use the information that I collect about you lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act and more recently also the General Data Protection Regulations.

What Is A Foot Health Practitioner?

Foot Health Practitioners deliver routine foot care wherever it is needed. They are trained to recognise and assess foot conditions, treat appropriately and refer when necessary.

Many people need simple foot care to maintain mobility and quality of life. Being overweight or diabetic increases the need, both of these conditions are rapidly increasing in prevalence in the population.

Working as independent practitioners in the private sector, Foot Health Practitioners deliver their skills in a wide range of settings.

They work with other health care professionals wherever necessary for the well-being of their clients. They may visit individual clients in their own homes, attend clients in Rest Homes and Nursing Homes, or visit industrial and commercial sites for the benefit of employees.

Many Foot Health Practitioners establish their own surgery-based premises in order to provide a service to a local population.

Belinda is a member of The Register of Foot Health Practitioners (Registration No. V161304) If you wish to check Belinda’s credentials on The Register of Foot Health Practitioners you can do so at

Gold Standard Hygiene

Our “Gold Standard” service includes a high quality of hygiene including full vacuum sterilisation of instruments which means that all instruments, used on each individual patient, are individually pouched prior to sterilisation and then “in pouch” autoclave sterilised so that every set of instruments used is in a 100% sterile state when opened in front of you at each treatment.

This standard is over and above the minimum requirements for Foot Health Practitioners and not all Practitioners operate at this level of instrument hygiene.

What Is The Difference Between A Foot Health Practitioner, a Chiropodist And A Podiatrist

Foot Health Practitioners and Podiatrists both have important roles to play in the community. Nowadays there are fewer Chiropodists in the community.

In 2005/6 the terms Chiropodist/Chiropody/Podiatrist/Podiatry became “protected” following government legislation.  This meant that the schools that used to train Chiropodists then had to re-name their graduates, so from mid-2004 onwards the Foot Health Practitioner came into existence!

Foot Health Practitioners provide the routine foot care that the majority of people require on a regular basis ie. Toenail Trimming, Ingrown Toenails (that do not require surgery), Corns, Calluses, Fungal Infections, Verrucae, Diabetics (who have their condition under control) etc.  They are privately trained (ie. self-funded) to diploma level.   Some Foot Health Practitioners undertake post-graduate studies to qualify in bio-mechanics, Cryo-surgery etc. and some even go on to undertake Podiatry degrees.

Podiatrists provide care to “at risk” patients ie. Diabetics whose condition is out of control, surgical procedures, biomechanics etc. Very often a Podiatrist will specialise in particular area.  They can also provide the more routine footcare that the Foot Health Practitioner provides.  They are trained to degree level and can work within the NHS as well as privately.   They can be registered with the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC). Foot Health Practitioners do have the option to register with the Accredited Register of Foot Health Practitioners which is overseen by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (who also oversee the HCPC).

There are also numerous other Registers available to the Foot Health Practitioner to register with.  Belinda is registered with The Foot Health Practitioners Register (registration number V161303) details of which can be found here

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